About the Mattachine Podcast



Hello, my name is Brad Dunshee.

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When I moved to San Francisco in the Spring of 2011, I was excited to be moving to one of the modern epicenters of LGBTQ life. Within days, I realized that I should've done so about a decade earlier. 

I have always had pride about being educated about all things LGBTQ; however, during that same year (when I was well into my 30s), I heard about the Compton's Cafeteria riot, in the heart of San Francisco, which entailed an LGBTQ-uprising against an abusive police force--this event, stunningly, happened a full three years before the much-more-known Stonewall uprising. I was floored.

Why hadn't I known about this? Was it common knowledge that I had just somehow missed? As I've always worked in media, I made the decision to develop a platform showcasing a weekly podcast, detailing these stories. My hope and main mission with this platform is to get our stories out there--it's important to understand our community's triumphs, our challenges, and what we've been through. 

I hope you enjoy, and if you have any subject suggestions, I would love to hear them! Simply fill out the form in the footer below or contact me directly at mattachinepod@gmail.com